How qualified is your current bookkeeper? - AZ Accounting Firm
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How qualified is your current bookkeeper?

28 Jun How qualified is your current bookkeeper?

In Canada, it is not mandatory for a bookkeeper to belong to a regulated professional association, therefore it may be difficult for you to judge exactly how qualified they are.  At AZ Accounting Firm, we believe that the quality of our work begins with top-notch bookkeepers, so we hire only the best to ensure results of which we can be proud.

At AZ Accounting Firm,
– We do NOT outsource to unregulated individuals – all bookkeepers performing services on your files are overseen by CPA’s or CPA students performing a monthly client review of their work on your files.

– We do NOT outsource work to individuals residing in another country. Our team is based across Canada and understands Canadian laws and business practices.

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