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Reduce The Cost of Your Bookkeeper Service – TIP: You Must Get Rid of Paper

What if I told you that there is a way to reduce the cost of your bookkeeper service and by taking advantage of this opportunity, you would save time, energy and rid yourself of paper, would you do it? If you are interested in learning more, keeping reading!

How We Approach Bookkeeping
– Take the time to understand your business operations. We can’t recommend the best way of setting-up the bookkeeping process unless we understand your business.
– Work to set-up a virtual or online bookkeeping service to minimize the amount of time the business owner has to spend interacting with the bookkeeper.
– Leverage software to the maximum extent possible. We are in a digital age; there is no reason why a small business should be wrestling with piles of paper. We use cloud-based software solutions such as Quickbooks Online ( and Hubdoc ( to modernize accounting and the record keeping process. Visiting a client’s office weekly is inefficient and adds to the cost of the service (which is passed onto the customer).

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